Welcome to www.stockcuberesearch.com

Stockcube Research has a global reach, supplying high quality research to institutional fund managers on five continents from offices in London and New York.

Our unique, custom portfolio and watch-list analysis ensure that we provide relevant research, tailored exactly to the individual manager's requirements.

Stockcube Research has been serving fund managers, investment banks and hedge fund managers since 1989 and we are the largest technical research firm in Europe.

Our analysis produces alpha-generating ideas at the stock, sector and index levels. Our ability to contrast equities with their peers, combined with the scale of our coverage leads to an enormously powerful 'lateral vision'. We deliver our research in an uncomplicated style to make our communication as time efficient as possible.

Generic research:

  • Daily Bulls & Bears
  • Weekly Technical Strategy
  • Monthly Sector Rotation Reviews
  • Ad hoc market driven reviews

Generic Research Universes:

  • US, UK, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific, Developing & EAFE
  • Global Technology, Global Financials & Global Consumer

Bespoke research:

  • Used by over 70% of our clients
  • Portfolio / Watch List Analysis
  • Technical Diversification Analysis
  • Matched Relative Analysis

Long-only Funds:

  • Regional and sector rotations identified
  • Focus on relative performance
  • Horizon of up to 5 years
  • Equity markets contextualised by macro overview

Long-short Funds:

  • Daily absolute and relative ideas
  • Sector and stock rotations identified
  • Short term extension and reversionary risk identified
  • Separate trend and counter trend trades